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The ApexSales is a product designed to meet the needs of companies of Commercial Representatives and their representatives. Currently, a company of this industry that does not have a system with the characteristics of ApexSales lose efficiency, agility and intelligence analysis.

A Representative to the sale must manually move their applications to the corporate office via phone or fax, which can generate a series of errors and increase the cost of communication (buses). Moreover, the entire history of purchases of customers depends on manual controls made by the representative, making an exact analysis of sales information from the company.

For the administrator of the representation, the ApexSales to centralize information on applications for all its representatives, to analyze the sales in many ways such as by region, represented clients, agents, etc. ..

Discounts apply to application / budget can be customized through a simple mathematical formulas. The financial module allows precise control of the committees to receive (the represented) and pay (for servants), generated automatically by issuing requests through percentage customized according to the rules of the Represented, and other securities to pay or receive.


  • Registration Offices
  • Customer Register
  • Registration of Principals / Products / Discounts
  • Registration of Carriers
  • Registration Representatives
  • Registration Discounts Represented
  • Issue of Orders and Budgets
  • Sending Orders and Budgets by email
  • Payable
  • Receivables
  • Registration Reports, Management and Statistics
  • Sales Charts

Filter information for consultation with customized export option for Word, Excel, PDF, HTML, among others.

If you are interested in purchasing this product, consult us for more information annual package of technical support with one of our attendants.


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