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Foreign Recap

System developed exclusively for the tire industry with a focus on reform / retread, and all returned to the administration, management and chair of the company.

In this product we are able to analyze various forms of management reports that provide results and information essential to the smooth running and development of the company, making its analysis and interpretation of results and non-operating income.

The reports provided by Recap Business is divided into 2 types: DRG - Income Statement and Management DVG - Statement of Sales Management, plus a vertical analysis of participation of the accounts in relation to income.

This system has great flexibility with respect to assembly and production of strategic reports and custom, showing results and important information and key to lifting the company's management, leading to making accurate and precise situations and attitudes that the company should adopt to his to his success in the market.

For you and your team does not stay out of the market and important information about the progress, processes and development of your company this tool that Mabtec developed for you is crucial!

Ask for a demonstration with our team and discover the benefits and advantages of this product.

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