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MabCustos is software that allows the realization of a synthesis and organization of data and classifies expenses by submitting to the manager of a tire recap of management analysis, fixed and variable costs. Developments in percentage of its assets and liabilities that are represented in reports and graphs.
  • Registers: person, product type, product, company, subsidiary, User, cost center, cost, depreciation, group of accounts, expense accounts, markup, production / sales, costs and deductions;
  • Simulation, Verification of costs, import and export data;
  • Calculation of sales price, markup and gross margin;
  • Registry's log;
  • Reports: cost center, product, production / sales, losses, manufacturing cost, expense account, deduction, charge, depreciation charge, branch, account group, cost-per-use composition, markup, person and type of product;
  • Graphics: production / income, loss, manufacturing cost, charge, discount, products, composition used.

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