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Protrans Fleet

This register is used to control the supplies made on vehicles controlled by the system. Since the launch of the date, Stocked with (km) Liters (L), Value liter, Total, premises and documents, the system automatically calculates the average consumption in liters per km.

Vehicle Registration

Searches of vehicles to be used in the Frame, change, update and mileage allowance.

Tire Registration

This register is used to store the tires to be controlled by the system. Thus, through movements, reports and graphs can statistically analyze the status of the tire, the cost per km road and the percentage of ownership regarding the make and model of tire purchased by the company.


It is through this interface that are conducted every movement of the tires in its most diverse ways such as rotation of tires, scrap tire shipping, sale of scrap tires, tire shipping reform, return of tires that were sent for reform, sending tire repair, tire warehouse shipping, wait, branch and registration of new tires. You can run all the operations necessary for movement of tires a daily occurrence.


You can check through the data reports of tires and vehicles such as shares and average degree, destination, disabled by period, where consumption per occurrence and vehicles.

All reports are possible screen printing or sending to. Pdf file.


It can be demonstrated through graphs and data on vehicle tires such as shares and average per measure, disturbances, use of vehicles among others.

All graphics are possible screen printing or sending to archivo.pdf.

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