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The system was developed to help the fleet owners or the reformer to control the tires and fuel in its fleet.

The posse MULTIFLEET Protrans simple data records of tires, vehicles, drivers, grounds, vehicle assembly, and fuel changes, still allows the user to control the cost per kilometer and per tire performance, tire checks and vehicle fuels, performance reports of each tire and tire group, participation statistics and graphs, enabling the fleet owners or reforming the management and secure an analysis of its fleet.

To facilitate the work of pratica and fast way, all movements / changes of tires are on one screen.

Estes than having all benefits the system provides, you still have a unique facility that is the option of cadastre and control up to 10 companies in the same system, and to control all the tires separately by company. Thus enabling an organizational structure and processes in rotina more gerenciamento between quality and firms.

Conosco contact and know more information about the system because we have the solution and technology that your company needs to win their loyalty and customer. Schedule a demonstration to better understand the product and has a successful company.

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