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Recap Online

In the system Recap On-Line Fleet is the increasingly close to getting reform through the Internet and information in making up your tires throughout the reform process in the recap.

With this software the reformer can get some advantages and benefits differentiated in the market, such as automatic updates and confident of their data, which are transmitted to a dedicated server, the system Recap III. It has a loyalty to its customers because this confidence to let the customer keep the whole process makes it safer and more comfortable with the quality and timeliness of the company with your tire.

For your safety and your client system is even more personal and private, have a login and password. So anyone who is not authorized in advance can get information about any process within the company, only selected customers and authorized by a system administrator Recap On-Line, targeted information and supplied by him in it.

You may view information of all your tires that have been collected and are in the Recap for the reform process by examining one by one, with a quick and secure at all times with your registration approved, information and data as tires that were collected, which are already in service, ready, and also delivered their technical reports and also presented a history of processes and services previously performed.

So be sure to check and request more information and a demonstration on this product that will add more value and trust your company to your client. Be more professional prestige and prominence to the products of insurance Mabtec!

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