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Recap Palm

Recap The Palm is a mobile accessory Recap integrated system for collecting information on tires, working with rapid consultations on financial and production company and automating the sales force Reformer.

This product generates reformers to collectors and a great agility in the collection of information is very important to the organization and accuracy of data collected, computerizing its vendors through a device called Palm and optimizing the operating time in retirement to transfer.

The information collected and stored by Palm are completely retained safely and reliably by the system developed, they are received by synchronization, performed at any time during the visits of vendors and representatives of the reformers in their customers, thus bringing more confidence and speed in their work , solidifying their partnership.

With the Palm not only the vendors and representatives will be able to use, but the entire team of the company, including the area of management reform, not always properly trained in its use can therefore enjoy full mobility, either in the courtyard of the company or the external work can be taken where there is need.

Our system enables the Palm several tasks and schedules required for the company, whether in sales or management processes.

The registration and collection of Order of Service is a great advantage in advance and reliability of the data to be collected and sent to the company, managing and consulting with various registration and financial information of its customers. It also offers consulting tires collected and produced, price list and special standard according to the business practices of your company.

Ask us about the advantages of acquiring the services and ease of Palm Recap on the advantages and benefits that our company has to offer for you!

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